Drawing Conversations.org


Convenors: Simon Woolham, Jill Journeaux, Katy suggest, Christian Skovgaard Peterson

Venue: University of Huddersfield, Barbara Hepworth Building

Date: 10th September 2021





What happens when we draw with or from histories of sites? How is narrative formed and understood?

How is the mark or gesture suggestive of a response to sites?

How is the notion of the individual reshaped within a collective or collaborative drawing process?

Histories, drawing conversations and collaborations: what is the nexus of site, drawing and connectivity?

Exploring what histories and narratives and what sites through drawing? Public or private histories and/or narratives. What histories; political, cultural, social, collective, personal, architectural, ecological, environmental, natural?

How does site specific drawing engage with the psychological and with processes of memory?

This is not an exhaustive list so if you have an idea that does not easily fit into this list and you are unsure about submitting a proposal please feel free to contact Simon Woolham (s.woolham@hud.ac.uk) or Jill Journeaux (j.journeaux@coventry.ac.uk) to discuss your proposal.

All individuals chosen to present at the symposia will also have the opportunity to exhibit artworks / research in a curated exhibition at the University of Huddersfield to coincide with the event in September 2021. All proposals for papers will be peer reviewed. Please submit a proposal of between 750 and 1000 words, outlining your paper / presentation. Please include 6 keywords, a title, your name and address, email address and institutional affiliation if appropriate. If you wish to be considered for a future publication resulting from this event, please make this clear in your proposal and ensure that you submit a full-length proposal of 1000 words.

Proposals should be sent to Dr Simon Woolham at: s.woolham@hud.ac.uk

Papers are invited for this one-day symposium which will discuss how drawing practices and processes enable engagements with sites of history and narrative. Consideration will be given to drawing as an embodied act, drawing in the expanded field, variable in definition, and as both individual and collective processes. Exploring expanded drawing methodology through connecting and curating of sites’ narrative and histories may involve capturing textures, vistas, traces, movement of history and narrative.

How does drawing engage with histories and narratives of sites? What can the processes and methods of drawing reveal about a particular site or place? What is the relationship of the final work to a site’s history or narrative? How are history and narrative defined and reconsidered?

Twenty-minute papers are invited from artists, art historians and theoreticians and other in adjacent fields. Papers may include discussion of specific projects that have been undertaken, or be about particular works or ideas of others.

Deadline: Thursday 30th April 2021.

See: http://www.research.hud.ac.uk>art-design>events>papers.