Drawing Conversations.org

Jill Journeaux, Drawing book from Coventry Drawing Circles series 2016

Drawing Conversations is an ongoing project consisting of a series of interconnected exhibitions, international symposia and publications, led by Jill Journeaux, Professor of Fine Art in the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities at Coventry University.

Page 2 Drawing Conversations: Collective and Collaborative Drawing symposium & Drawn Conversations exhibition.

Page 3 Edited book: Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice.

Page 4 ‘You and I are discontinuous beings’ exhibition.

Page 5 Body, Space, Place in Collective and Collaborative Drawing symposium.

Page 6 Edited book: Body, Space, and Place in Collective and Collaborative Drawing: Drawing Conversations 2.

Page 7 Drawing Conversations 3: Drawing Talking To The Sciences symposium, The Ruskin Centre, Lancaster University, 2020.

Page 8 Drawing Conversations 4: Engaging with Sites of History and Narrative symposium, planned for September, 2021.