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Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice: Drawing Conversations, edited by Journeaux and Gorrill, was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2017. The book evolved from the 2015 symposium and exhibition, and the cover image featured a detail of the drawing Still Moving Still Pushing by Garry Barker.

Contributors to the book were as follows:

Chapter One – ‘Drawing Circles: A Space without a Project’, by Jill Journeaux and Angela Brew.

Chapter Two – ‘Drawing in Conversation’, by Angela Rogers.

Chapter Three – ‘Drawing Out the Mute: Speaking through Drawing’, by Sarah Casey and Gerald Davies.

Chapter Four – ‘Three States [of dialogue]: You Me Us’, by Humhyphenum (Deborah Harty and Phil Sawdon.

Chapter Five – ‘Drawing’s Alterity’, by Elizabeth Hodson.

Chapter Six – ‘Inappropriate Shift’, by Catherine Baker and Kimberley Foster.

Chapter Seven – ‘Idiosyncratic Spaces and uncertain Practices: Drawing, Drifting and Sweeping Lines through the sand’, by Alec Shepley.

Chapter Eight – ‘Drawing as a Tool for Shaping community Experience into Collective Allegory’, by Garry Barker.

Chapter Nine – ‘Net Curtain: A Collaborative Drawing’, by Andrea Stokes.

Chapter Ten – ‘Inspiration Drawn: Conversations around Archives’, by Ann Chow.

Chapter Eleven – ‘Drawing Together: Sutures, Surgery and Studio Practice’, by Jenny Wright.

Chapter Twelve – ‘Slow Drawing: Conversations with the Inanimate, Animated, Real and Virtual’, by Joanna Neil.