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The initial Drawing Conversations symposium ‘Drawing Conversations: Collective and Collaborative Drawing’ convened by Professor Jill Journeaux and Dr Helen Gorrill was held at Coventry University in December 2015, and was accompanied by the exhibition ‘Drawn Conversations’ which was curated by Journeaux and Gorrill, and featured works by 17 artists. The exhibition considered the nature and characteristics of a range of drawing processes which are enacted through collaboration and collective imaging. The one day symposia included papers by 22 presenters, with keynote presentations by Jon Barraclough, Phil Sawdon and Deborah Harty, Gerald Davies and Sarah Casey, and Ann Chow.

for details of the exhibition go to http://www.coventry.ac.uk/global assets/media/global/Events/drawn-conversations-exhibition-catalogue.pdf

For full details of the first event please go to: